Well Water

There are many who say that well water tastes better than water that comes from city water, and I have to agree for the most part, but there are some dangers that come with drinking this type of water if a family is not careful. This is something that happened to may family, so I know if I ever have this type of water supply in my future, I will makes sure that it is tested as often as recommended so that no one can get sick. Though water from a natural source might seem safer than water that has been treated, there are times when this is just not true.

The well water we were drinking was not really our responsibility, but the landlord apparently didnt pay any attention to it either. We only lived in the house for six months before we had to move out due to the water. We had been drinking it the whole time we lived there assuming it was safe, but it was far from it. My youngest brother was a toddler then, and we noticed after a while that something was not right. We had to take him to the hospital one day, and we found out that he was very sick.

Our well water was what was making him sick, and if we had not figured it out we would have all gotten sick, and we might have died. He recovered, thankfully, but we had to move out of the house. We tried to bring in water, but that was just not working for us. The landlord started drilling a new well almost immediately, but it was taking too long and my mom was so upset she didnt want to stay there anyway. I cant say that I blame her.

She had another problem with her well water, and it was not something that was quite as bad, but everyone in her house was getting ill. It turned out an animal had died in her water supply, and they had to have a new well drilled. This was on her own property, so they didnt move, but suffered with bringing in outside water until it could be fixed. It wasnt as serious that time, but those two incidents were enough to convince me that well water needs to be tested quite often to be sure it is safe. It usually tastes really good, but taste can be deceiving.